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As an escort, you pride yourself on providing memorable experiences for your clients. You've already mastered the art of role play, stripteases, and more. But now you're ready to take your services to the next level by offering cum in face experiences. This intimate act can be incredibly erotic for the right client and help cement your status as an elite escort. However, it does require additional preparation and care to ensure a positive experience for both parties. If done properly with a trusted regular client, cum in face sessions can be a great way to boost your business through word-of-mouth marketing and repeat customers. For those willing to push the envelope, the rewards of pioneering this niche service can be significant. But it must be approached carefully and only with the utmost professionalism. If this interests you, here is what you need to know to make cum in face experiences a success.

Why Choose a Cum in Face Escort?

Why Choose a Cum in Face Escort?

Selecting an escort who provides cum in face services allows you to experience heightened levels of intimacy and indulgence.

Cum in face escorts are specially trained and prepared to provide an exceptionally sensual experience. These escorts understand that a facial finish is the ultimate climax for some clients, and they aim to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. They will enthusiastically participate in building up to the final release, using eye contact, dirty talk, and physical stimulation to increase arousal and maximise enjoyment of the act.

Opting for a cum in face escort also allows for a sense of escapism and taboo. The act of ejaculating on someone’s face is typically seen as degrading or submissive outside of sexual fantasy, so exploring this kink with an escort can be thrilling. The escorts are open-minded, non-judgemental, and eager to bring clients’ fantasies to life.

For the climax, the escort will kneel or lie before you to receive your ejaculate on their face. They will open their mouth and eyes, sticking out their tongue, to provide the perfect target. The feeling of release and viewing the escort covered in your cum can produce an intense high and feeling of dominance for clients.

Some escorts may charge a premium for cum in face services due to the highly intimate nature. However, for those seeking an escort open to pushing boundaries, a cum in face experience may be worth the additional expense. With the right escort, a facial finish can be the ultimate indulgent thrill.

Booking Your Cum in Face Experience

When booking your cum in face experience, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

To start, do some research on reputable escort agencies or independent escorts in your area that offer this service. Check reviews from other clients to determine who comes highly rated and recommended. This will help ensure you have a safe, enjoyable experience with a provider who respects boundaries and consent.

  • Contact the escort of your choice, either through their agency or directly, to discuss scheduling and pricing for a cum in face booking. Be prepared to provide personal details like your name, age, and location to verify your identity.
  • Come prepared to discuss any interests or limits you may have so you and your escort are on the same page about what you both consent to during your time together. Establishing comfort and trust is key.
  • When it’s time for your booking, be punctual, well-groomed and bring protection like condoms, facial wipes, a towel, and mints or mouthwash. Your escort will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • Relax and enjoy yourself! A skilled escort will make you feel at ease and guide you to a mind-blowing orgasm and facial finish.

With the proper precautions taken, a cum in face experience can be intensely pleasurable and liberating. Finding the right escort to explore this kink with is well worth the effort for such an unforgettable encounter.

FAQs: Cum in Face Escorts

What services do cum in face escorts provide?

Cum in face escorts specialise in facials, providing an intimate experience where the client ejaculates onto the escort’s face. These escorts offer:

  • Facials: The signature service where the escort pleasures the client manually, orally or through intercourse until ejaculation occurs onto the escort’s face.
  • Role play: For clients seeking an extra thrill, cum in face escorts may engage in role play scenarios to enhance the experience, such as teacher-student or boss-secretary role plays culminating in a facial.
  • Fantasy fulfilment: Clients can live out their facial fantasies with these escorts in a safe, judgement-free environment. The escorts aim to make the client’s experience as pleasurable and memorable as possible.

How much do cum in face escort services cost?

Rates for cum in face escorts vary but typically start around $200-$500 per hour. The exact fee depends on factors like:

  • The escort’s experience and popularity: More well-known escorts with a dedicated clientele can charge on the higher end of the range.
  • Additional services: Role plays, fantasy elements or added time will increase the total cost. Some escorts charge extra for the actual facial or charge an additional fee for photos/videos of the experience.
  • Location and availability: Escorts in high-demand cities or those with limited availability due to their popularity may have higher rates. Rates are often negotiable based on the individual escort and the specifics of the encounter.

How can I find and book a cum in face escort?

You can find cum in face escorts on websites specifically geared towards this niche fetish like Slixa or Tryst. Many independent escorts offer this service as well, advertising on sites like Eros or Switter. Review escort screening and booking procedures carefully, as some sites offer greater protections and verifications than others. Always exercise caution when hiring any escort to ensure a safe experience.Conclusion

While cum in face escorts may seem like an extreme niche even within the world of escort services, they clearly cater to a specific set of client desires and fantasies. By specialising in a particular kink and building their business around it, these escorts are able to charge premium rates and attract dedicated customers. For those open to more adventurous sexual experiences, cum in face escorts offer an opportunity to live out a taboo fantasy in a safe environment with a professional. Though certainly not for everyone, for a select few this service scratches a very particular itch. If you find yourself aroused by the thought of ejaculating onto the face of an attractive woman, cum in face escorts may be worth investigating. They aim to please in ways most would never dare to imagine.

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