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You're a busy professional who values discretion and efficiency. While you enjoy the company of attractive women, you have little time or patience for the rituals of courtship and seduction. You seek physical release and satisfaction without complications or commitments. For you, bareback blowjob escorts provide the ideal solution. They offer a straightforward service to meet your needs while protecting your privacy. This guide will provide an overview of bareback blowjob escorts, how to find them, what to expect, how to stay safe and legal, and how to get the most from your experience. With some basic knowledge and precautions, bareback blowjob escorts can be a simple pleasure for the discerning gentleman. Read on to learn everything you need to know to connect with bareback blowjob escorts.

What Exactly Is a BBBJ?

A bareback blowjob escort, commonly referred to as a BBBJ escort, provides oral sex without the use of a condom.

  • BBBJ stands for bareback blowjob, meaning oral sex without a condom. BBBJ escorts specialise in performing unprotected fellatio on their clients.
  • BBBJs involve an increased risk of STD transmission through direct contact. However, some argue that with regular testing and screening, the risks can be minimised. It is important to understand the risks and make an informed choice.
  • BBBJ escorts typically charge a premium for their services due to the unprotected nature of the act and the increased risks involved. Rates will vary but often start from £50-100 extra.
  • BBBJs provide heightened sensation and pleasure for many due to direct contact. The feeling of bare skin on skin and the warmth of the mouth are frequently cited as benefits by those who prefer BBBJs.
  • It is unwise to assume all escorts offer BBBJs or are willing to provide them. You should always politely enquire about an individual escort’s services and boundaries before booking and respect the limits they have set.
  • Your health and the health of the escort should be the top priority here. Regular testing and honest disclosure of STD status is critical. Unprotected oral sex does increase risks, so proceed with caution.
  • In summary, BBBJ escorts provide a specialised erotic service that many find intensely pleasurable but you must go in with your eyes open to the health implications and risks involved. As with any escort service, politeness, safety and consent are key.

    Health and Safety Concerns With BBBJs

    When engaging in bareback blowjob escorts (BBBJs), there are several health and safety factors to keep in mind:

    • Unprotected oral sex carries risks like transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea. It is best to get tested regularly and ask your partners about their STI status and testing frequency.
    • Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that causes genital warts and certain cancers, and can be transmitted through unprotected oral sex. While there are HPV vaccines available, they do not protect against all strains of the virus. Condoms and dental dams can help reduce the risk of HPV transmission during oral sex.
    • Blood-borne viruses like HIV, hepatitis B and C can potentially be transmitted through BBBJs if there are any tears, cuts or wounds in the mouth or on the genitals. It is important for all parties to get tested for these viruses and share results before engaging in unprotected oral sex.
    • Poor hygiene like lack of showering, teeth brushing or mouthwash use before receiving BBBJs can increase health risks. Good hygiene and genital grooming are recommended.
    • Gag reflexes can be triggered during BBBJs, so start slowly and avoid aggressive deep throating to prevent choking or vomiting. Have a non-verbal signal in place to pause or stop.

    By taking recommended precautions and openly discussing health topics with your partners, you can make informed decisions and have safer experiences with BBBJ escorts. However, there is always an element of risk with unprotected sex that you will need to accept.

    To find BBBJ escorts, the following approaches may prove effective:

    Search Online Listing Sites

    Many escorts advertise their services on sites like Eros, Slixa, and Private Delights. On these sites, look for listings that specifically mention “Bareback Blowjobs” or “BBBJ.” Some escorts will use euphemisms like “all-natural,” so check their reviews to confirm they offer this service. You can filter by location to find escorts in your area.

    Check Escort Review Sites

    Sites like WED,Private Delights, Slixa, and Erotic Reviews allow clients to review their experiences with escorts. Look for escorts with a high volume of positive reviews that mention receiving bareback oral sex. While not foolproof, reviews from established sites can give you a sense of the escort’s reputation and services.

    Ask the Escort Directly

    If an escort’s online profile is unclear, contact them directly to inquire about bareback services. Be polite and respectful, as many escorts set firm rules around what they will and won’t provide. Explain specifically that you’re asking about receiving oral sex without a condom. Some escorts may charge a premium for bareback services, so ask about any additional fees upfront.

    Consider Escort Screening Services

    Some escorts offer special bareback services only after a client passes their screening process. Screening often involves providing personal information and references to verify your identity. While screening does not guarantee safety, escorts may feel more comfortable providing bareback services to clients they have vetted. Be prepared to go through a screening process if you want access to an escort’s full range of offerings.

    In summary, online listings, reviews, direct contact, and screening services are all options for finding escorts who offer BBBJs. Do research, be polite yet specific in your inquiries, and understand that bareback services come with risks to consider seriously. The keys are patience, respect, clarity of communication, and your own discretion.


    In the end, whether or not bareback blowjob escorts are for you comes down to your personal preferences and risk tolerance. As with any sexual encounter, do your research, ask questions, and listen to your instincts. However, also keep in mind that you are engaging in an intimate act with another human being deserving of dignity and respect. If done safely and consensually, bareback blowjobs can be an exciting experience. But they also require maturity to understand the responsibilities that come with such adult-themed adventures. Proceed carefully and make choices that align with your values. Your health and happiness should be top priorities.

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